Community Links


Ojai Valley Inn and Spa:

Capri Hotel:

Casa Ojai:

Hummingbird Inn:

Su Nido: 

Blue Iguana: 

Ojai Retreat:

Ojai Rancho Inn:


Suzanne’s Cuisine:

Ranch House:


The Village Jester:

The Deer Lodge:

Los Caporales: 


Agave Maria: 

Boccali’s Pizza:

Bliss Frozen Yogurt:

Garden Terrace:

The Farmer and the Cook:

Osteria Monte Grappa:

Feast Bistro:

Sea Fresh Seafood: 

Things to do:

Ojai on Horseback, a Topa Topa Taxi ‘Must Do’ in Ojai:

Ojai Museum:

Lake Casitas Water Adventure:  

Barts Books:

Ojai Farmers Market: 

Theater 150: 

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